MBE, a new craft beer competition

Mondial Biere Europe is an upcoming craft beer competition hosted in Vienna (Austria). The purpose of this competition is to show the best of european beers. MBE is born faced to the fact there is no competition nowadays gathering the best of eastern and western europe.

This competition will be based on BJCP beer styles and subscription fee will be 150€ per beer. The purpose is to select the very best of craft beer in Europe. This competition is also the first limited access competition. This means the competition will not be openned for big breweries. A cap of 200 000 hl per year will be set.

The MBE will take place for the first time in March 2019 where the first results will be published.

Judges are all selected in Europe and are chosen for their professional accreditation (BJCP judge, Cicerone judge or other accredidations).

We are also thinking about another new kind of competition about brewing ingredients which would come way later as the projet is quite hard to set up. Finaly, we should launch a new kind of competition based on derived beer goods. This competition should elect the best european beer innovation of the year.